Daily Writing Challenge Day 7: The Meteor Shower

Lucinda Gunnin
2 min readApr 30, 2022


So we’re a week into this challenge and writing fiction every day is getting easier. My mind is definitely remembering how to be creative and feeding me ideas. Of course, it is going into overload again with 57 ideas to write simultaneously.

But that’s better than writer’s block. So, here’s the story that I woke up with running through my mind.

The Meteor Shower

The meteor shower wasn’t on the astronomical calendar, but started just as I was walking Allie to her car. It seemed like a good sign after a very good first date.

We stood in my driveway watching what seemed like thousands of meteors streaking across the sky before we realized some were landing nearby. I might have waited until the next day to hunt down anything that made it through the atmosphere, but Allie was super excited and ran for one that fell just beyond the tree line.

I followed, excited to see we shared this too.

When we reached the clearing, there were two obvious meteorites, still glowing from the heat on the fall. We broke apart, heading to retrieve them both.

Yes, we knew it was stupid and that they would likely be very hot. But they were so pretty, drawing us in.

I saw Allie reach for hers. “Careful, it’s probably super hot,” I warned, like the thoughful boyfriend I hoped to be.

“It’s not hot at all,” she said, picking it up.

As soon as she touched it, I felt the world pulse, like an instant sinus headache, but then gone.

I picked up mine and the world pulsed again, but this time I also heard it speak. “We will rule them all.”

I thought maybe it was just a figment of my imagination until Allie snarled. Can people snarl?

Her face filled with rage and she strode toward me, yelling, “Not this time, Octova. This time I get to rule.”

“Allie? What the hell?”

Ask she got closer, she raised the meteorite over her head, clutching it like a baseball. She tried to bring it down on my skull, but I sidestepped.

She stumbled and then regrouped, throwing her meteorite at me. Then she got in a three-point stance like a linebacker and tried to tackle me.

I pushed her away, my strength clearly enhanced by Octova.

“And that’s how she died, officer, “ I said, pulling my handcuffed wrist free of the table.



Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin is a commercial property manager and author in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She’s a news junky, sushi addict, and geek extraordinaire.