Daily Writing Challenge Day 6: Where Does This Go?

Earlier this week in an effort to motivate myself to write more fiction, I challenged myself to write a piece of microfiction, flash fiction or short story every day in May. And instead of acting like it was a diet and waiting until that day to start, I decided to jump right in and start posting.
I’ve done sort of so-so on the challenge so far, but I am writing and posting more fiction. Which is also encouraging me to write more on big projects. Which is the intended goal so I feel like it’s a success.
I’m also asking readers to send me writing prompts to give me ideas and today I signed up for the story a day challenge for May to get a daily supply of feedback and prompts. Yay!!

In the meantime, this is another story based on my friend Polly’ s suggestion. She said maybe it was overdone but how about a story about a cat and a portal or door. This is what you get :)

Where Does This Go?

Sheila found the portal first. It was under a table in a dark part of the spare bedroom and no one ever went in there.

Until she did.

We went looking for her, searched for hours until we finally found the doorway.

We knew immediately that she had gone through. She hates it when a door is closed.

So we followed, initially thinking she was likely caught in the drywall or crawl space. We were so very wrong.

I don’t know exactly where we are, but I recognize Sheila by her smell. It’s a good thing she smells the same because she’s so tall and walking on two legs and has no fur.

My whiskers twitch when I try to make sense of it. I rub my paw over my right ear and cock my head to the side.
I guess now we find out if Sheila thought we were good pet parents or not.



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Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin is a commercial property manager and author in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She’s a news junky, sushi addict, and geek extraordinaire.