Can You Have Both?

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There’s an old joke about a woman asking her husband if her jeans make her look fat.

For comedians, the punchline was usually something like, “No, your fat makes you look fat.”

Or, for physical comedy, it was the deer-in-the-headlights look after the question was asked.

Men, well usually men, felt trapped by the question. There was, according to the way the joke went, no right answer.

But what most people don’t want to talk about is how the joke addresses trust in relationships. Sure, no one wants to tell someone they love that they look…

One of the most common lies about people living in poverty is that the issue is caused by their poor money skills. The lie goes something like this: whenever they get extra money, from a tax return or a windfall, they blow it on something they don’t need instead of paying their bills.

And the reality is, people believe the lie because it is partially true.

In the fall of 2004, my husband was a full time college student with a work study job on campus. I was a medical records clerk at a large ophthalmology and optometry practice. …

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Where you live, your socioeconomic status, and who you know might drastically impact how soon you can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s why:

We all know by now that the previous federal administration didn’t develop a plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines. Basically, they ordered a couple million doses of the vaccines and then gave some of them to the states to distribute however the state decided was best.

Unfortunately, that has meant that the people of color, Black people, the working class and others who desperately need the vaccine are not getting quick access to it. …

Twitter and Facebook are abuzz this week, talking about a story from OregonLive about a local grocery store manager calling the police to keep people from scavenging discarded food from the store’s dumpster.

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The basic story goes something like this:

The area got hit with a massive winter storm and the store lost power. Store employees discarded perishables, everything from dairy and juice to fresh meat, in their dumpster.

Local folks heard about the good food being thrown in the trash can and began gathering to try to grab some of the food. …

Looking at my Facebook memories today, I saw that we began managing self-storage facilities 12 years ago.

I had no idea at the time that it would lead to a six-figure income and almost no bills.

Another advantage of our self-storage management jobs is working from home, even in non-pandemic times.

In fact, the guaranteed salary that first month was $800. It had no health insurance or retirement benefits, but it did come with an apartment and all our utilities paid.

We figured when you added in the value of the rent and the utilities, we were making about $9.25 an hour, for both of us.

Sounds pretty horrible, right?

Well, not really.

See though…

Growing up in the United States, especially if you grow up poor, you’re sold a bill of lies.

You cannot save your way to being rich.

We’re told that you can grow up to be anything you want to be, even president of the United States. Teachers and historians pushed this lie when Bill Clinton and then Barack Obama were elected, emphasizing that men with single mothers had become the most powerful men in the world.

Of course, they either knew it was a lie or they didn’t care, ignoring the impact that social class and generational wealth have on your ability to run for public office.


The evidence suggests that I have been living with multiple sclerosis since 2000, though I wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2005. Twenty years with a deteriorating neurological condition is a long time, but let’s talk about what a difference those years can make.

At Christmas in 2000, I was sitting on the floor wrapping presents.

One of them was a little large and slightly heavy. When I pulled it to me, my back objected. A lot.

So I did what people do. I whined for a day or two and then I went to the chiropractor.

The first couple treatments helped…

This story rose out of a writing prompt about silence. I immediately remembered the days post-9/11 when the lack of air traffic made the world seem quieter and how noticeable it was when planes started flying again. Even when the world seems silent, there are crickets and cicadas and birds and electronics, reminding us that life goes on. So what if it didn’t?

One place that it might be okay to watch the end of the world.

The silence is intrusive, eerie as we walk around the property. The normal buzz from the highway, just a quarter mile away, is gone, replaced by nothing.

I thought I had heard the sounds of nothing before…

The on-going saga of Reddit users, and then pretty much all social media users, deciding to punish Wall Street brokers for their short sales of GameStop, AMC and Noki is likely to change the investing world.

Whether for the better or the worse, depends on how much big money firms are able to lobby Congress to punish small buyers for the beating them at their own game.

In short, a couple big investment houses bet that those three stocks would lose money. Reddit users got wind of it and promoted small investors to use trading apps and programs like Robinhood…

How to Move Long-Distance Inexpensively

Statistically, most Americans, about 72% off us, live in or close to, within say 50 miles, of the place they grew up.

My husband and I are not part of that crowd. He’s a Navy brat and has lived on both coasts. I grew up in Michigan and Colorado, met him in Illinois and now we live in Pennsylvania.

But when we moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania in 2016, it was the first time in our adult lives that we had to plan a major multi-state move. And we had to do it fast. …

Lucinda Gunnin

Lucinda Gunnin is a commercial property manager and author in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She’s a news junky, sushi addict, and geek extraordinaire.

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